Let’s look at your site:

  • soilWe begin with the soil.  It is the most important component of a healthy landscape.  Conditions such as texture, compaction, organic matter content, drainage and soil PH are measured.  We may also recommend a more thorough soil nutrient test from The Rutgers Soil Testing Laboratory.  Even the type of weeds growing in the lawn will give an indication of your soil health.  The condition of your soil will affect how often you should water and for how long.
  • We will look for water related issues:
  • Wet areas, slopes, runoff/erosion- is there water in your basement
  • How stormwater affects your landscape- where do the roof drains go
  • How to develop a drainage plan through:
    •    grading & swales, catch basins, proper irrigation practices
    •    rain gardens to collect and minimize stromwater runoff.
  • Are you
    • mowing too low, removal of more than 1/3 the grass height
    • watering during the day
    • using too much fertilizer
  • Existing sun/shade site conditions-
    • I can’t get anything to grow under that tree
    • which plants will grow best in my yard
    • why is my lawn brown

Once we have gathered all the information we will prepare a detailed report on our findings and our recommendations for correcting the deficiencies.

So you just want your yard to look nicer- we have suggestions…


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