720x270_00-springThe importance of water and good irrigation practices in the landscape cannot be overstated.  However, there is a tendency to expect that if our lawns, trees & flowers are not healthy, we can simply add more water and all will be well.  If you have an irrigation system, it is likely that over-watering is causing more damage than lack of water.

A simple, thorough and cost-effective audit of the system begins with an inspection of every valve, sprinkler, and nozzle.RotaryNozzles_Adjust   This allows us to:

  • identify areas of inconsistent coverage
  • determine compatibility of adjacent plants on the same station
  • make recommendations to match the rate at which water is applied to the rate that the soil will allow that water to infiltrate.

This process can be especially effective for systems that have been in the ground for a while.  Many times systems are installed when plants are young.

  • If you have mature shrubs (taxus, junipers or even rhododendrons) among your foundation plantings, they may have outgrown their need for supplemental watering.
  • Can we move or eliminate those sprinklers?

soilmoistureTemperature, sun, shade, precipitation, wind and humidity are all factors which affect the amount of water that our lawns need.

We will help you take advantage of technology.  Weather-based sensors or a “smart” controller upgrade to your system can tailor your use of outdoor water to your property’s needs.

We also believe in education & common sense.  40 years in landscape & irrigation have have provided us with information we would like to share with our clients.

The purpose of our service is to improve the overall health of your landscape. So-

whether or not you have a sprinkler system, please read on to learn about the another component of our audit process…


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