Where does the water go when it rains?

Ideally- it percolates down into the ground and helps to re-charge our underground aquifers.  If water runs off it will eventually get into the stormwater sewer.  Ultimately, whatever is in the street mixes with rainwater and gets washed into the nearest body of water.  That includes dog waste, automotive fluids, plastic bottles, fertilizer and road salt.  There are other places rainwater goes before it reaches the storm grate:


  • into your basement- can roof drains be re-routed to direct water away from the foundation BEFORE it enters the house?
  • down the slope of the yard: eroding soil, making it difficult to establish lawn or plant beds.  How can I slow the flow?
  • to a low area where it ponds and does not drain.  Can I re-grade my yard, adding a swale to direct water away?

Why are the shrubs in front of my house not doing well?

  • Is it related to stormwater near your house?  Even if your basement is dry, water that does not drain well can affect the health of your plantings.

The answer for moving water on your property may be a rain garden:


A Rain Garden is a shallow, landscaped depression that collects & treats stormwater runoff.

Rain gardens are specifically designed to manage stormwater runoff, mainly from rooftops, but also from driveways, lawns, roads, and parking lots.




How-Rain-Garden-works4Rain gardens look like regular perennial gardens, but they are much more. During a storm, a rain garden fills with water, and the water slowly filters into the ground rather than running into storm sewers.

Compared to a patch of lawn, a rain garden allows about 30% more water to soak into the ground.


Rain gardens DO NOT allow water to stand for more than 24 hours.  They contain soil ammendments such as compost and sand to help water infiltrate back into the ground  Leominster-rain-garden
They can attract butterflies or songbirds.  They are not breeding grounds for mosquitoes  Monarch-Butterfly-on-Coneflower-950-e1366894132185

They incorporate native, flowering perennials and shrubs which are especially suited for their location.


Contact us a for free evaluation to find out if a rain garden will work for you

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