• IA certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
  • IA certified Commercial Irrigation Designer
  • NJDEP licensed Irrigation Contractor


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Backflow Testing & Repairs                                                                                             

  • ASSE Certified Tester and Repairer
  • NEWWA Certified Backflow Inspector since 2001
  • NYSDOH Certified
  • NJDEP approved and listed

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I began my career in the Green Industry in 1976 as the sole proprietor of  Mountain Greenery Landscape Company.  I was a gardener, an avid gardener.  So I bought a 1963 Ford Pickup Truck and painted it green- with a paintbrush.  Voila, I was in business!  For the next 18 years I cut grass and learned how to keep it green.  Knowledge of how to apply water for a healthy landscape became paramount in importance. Our services included irrigation repair & installation, landscape plantings, drainage and organic lawn care.   Maintenance of the complete landscape environment was the company’s ultimate goal.  

By 1994- Mountain Greenery had moved away from lawn maintenance and the decision was made to concentrate on irrigation. We combined and I became a partner at Aqua-Mist Irrigation.  Over the next 20 years, we had success as a commercial irrigation design, construction and maintenance firm.  Our projects grew in scope to include professional sports fields, hi-tech/high security government work, and large-scale pumping systems which utilized collected stormwater for landscape irrigation.  Our work in this area required knowledge of both government regulations and the water cycle.  Retention and detention basins, drainage, run-off, pond water quality were subjects that became quite familiar.

Drop-1I continued my professional education through The Irrigation Association, becoming certified as both a landscape irrigation designer and auditor; learning the science behind plant-soil-water relationships; how different soil types, and their water holding capacity affected plant health; how to apply water without runoff; how temperature, wind and sun affect the amount of water that plants need (ET).

As a contractor, I was responsible to keep the grass green and the flowers growing.  Landscapers, homeowners and property managers would call with ANY issue related to water-  It is too wet, too dry, too much rain, water in the street, water in the basement, grass is brown, not enough drainage, drought restrictions, my pipes bang when I take a shower.  My investigation skills continued to develop…

The past 40 plus years of experience have led me to an understanding of how to use water efficiently in our landscapes, homes and industries, and why the protection of fresh water resources is essential for the future.


Joseph Guastella


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